Version 4.0 released in September 2022

With version 4.0 of the ADIB Portal, Conigon is launching a whole range of improvements:

  • The filters (facets) can all be hidden or shown with one click.
  • All active filters are displayed in the page header and can also be switched off individually here.
  • The functions for page selection and for page forwards and backwards have moved to the top of the list.

The information display of the individual products is significantly expanded in the grid display. The content on the “card” backs can be customized.

The list display can also be significantly expanded and become clearer.

In the table view, you can see the values ​​contained in each case in the table heading.
In the “flexible view” you can even show and hide columns as you like and save your settings in the form of “templates”.

The product comparison is now even easier to create and better to edit. Identical values ​​can be hidden from the comparison. The focus is then more clearly on the differences between the compared objects.

There are extensive improvements to the download function:

  • Multiple templates can be created, managed and used individually.
  • Positions can still be removed individually in the preview.
  • The possible formats are still Excel, XML and TXT.
  • A new feature is a special export format for subsequent import into Excel or XML.