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Dr. Pascal Rheinert' references

We have a practical background.

This applies primarily to the managing director of CONIGON GmbH, Dr. Ing. Pascal Rheinert.

At his previous employer, Villeroy & Boch AG, he built up the area "Internet & eCommerce" and co-founded it in a responsible position.

You can see here some of the projects he leads, which he successfully completed together with his team.

Projects and references

  • Elaboration of the online strategy and implementation of a content supply chain
  • Clustering of partners and assignment to "content classes"
  • Establishment of Contentserv-PIM as a central application used worldwide
  • Connection from and to SAP systems (basic information, prices, stocks)
  • Connection to our own Magento eShop and Typo3 CMS
  • Conception and implementation of partner connections (Amazon, Otto)
  • Print documents (fair price list etc.)
  • Introduction of Contentserv-PIM as a central product database
  • Connection to SAP as well as derivations to internet presence and trading partners
  • Concept for creation of technical catalogs based on defined templates
  • Concept for connection of PIM system to a new spare parts eShop based on Magento 
  • Development of the content strategy in the DAM environment
  • Market analysis of DAM systems and decision based on a scoring model
  • Concept for the transfer of data from legacy applications from 1999
  • Implementation of the Contentserv DAM for all divisions incl. press
  • Development of a direct link to the article data from the Contentserv-PIM
  • Expansion of the DAM system as a "museum database" and company archive
  • Extension of the B2B portal for seamless integration of DAM functions
  • Conception and implementation of the data flow Typo3 / SAP resp. Contentserv - Solr - Typo3
  • High usability for customers in a well-known application - and at the same time access to always up-to-date (released) image data from the DAM

Professional experience in eCommerce (chronological)

Consulting & Online Strategy

  • Development and implementation of the online strategy of the Business Unit Tableware of Villeroy & Boch AG together with the Executive Board and Head of Online
    • Clustering of trading partners and development of the content strategy
    • Implementation of this strategy with the Contentserv software and the SAWS connectors
      • DE: Connection of "Amazon" and ""
      • FR: Connection of "Galeries Lafayette" and "La Redoute"
      • Automated provision of structured product data for smaller partners ("3rd party")
  • Area „Digital-Asset-Management“
    • Market analysis in DAM environment and decision preparation based on a scoring model
    • Conception of the new B2B / professional portal (Typo3) from Villeroy & Boch with a focus on the integration of Contentserv's new DAM system


  • Introduction of the Contentserv PIM for the company "Gustavsberg" (Sweden)
  • Use of the Contentserv PIM for the business unit "Bad & Wellness" as well as for the V & B Fliesen GmbH - as "shadow PIM"
  • Introduction of Contentserv-DAM for the Villeroy & Boch Group (Tableware Division, Bathroom & Wellness Division, Press & Public Relations, Investor Relations)
    • Lossless migration of data from legacy applications (120,000 assets) and building all links to PIM assets
    • Development of Typo3-Extensions to integrate the assets in the Profi-Portal
  • Introduction of Contentserv-DAM for V & B Fliesen GmbH
  • Introduction of the Contentserv system as a corporate archive and for a subsidiary of the Villeroy & Boch AG as a "museum database"


Magento / Typo3

  • Introduction of the "Wirecard Seamless Integration" into the Magento eShop by Villeroy & Boch
  • Conception and development of omni-channel functions for the tableware division - incl. Gift cards, Click & Collect, Check & Reserve and other functions
  • Splitting the eShop countries into contingents with their own product catalog with the help of Contentserv and the SAWS Magento connector
  • Conversion of the consumer appearance of Villeroy & Boch to "responsive web design"
  • Relaunch of the Villeroy & Boch professional portal
    • Migration to Typo3 Version 7
    • Conversion to "responsive web design"
    • Introduction of the system in China (including CRM integration)
  • Conception and implementation of the new corporate website of Villeroy & Boch


Hosting the Contentserv PIM - DAM Systems for the entire Group including maintenance and support based on defined SLA

Consulting & Online Strategy

  • Development and implementation of the content strategy in the Tableware Division
  • Market analysis in the context of a PIM software and decision preparation based on a scoring model → decision in favor of Contentserv



  • Introduction of the Contentserv PIM for tableware division with connection to SAP system
  • Automated interfaces from PIM system towards our own eShop Magento
  • Provision of PIM information to "Solr" for presentation of products and images within the websites of Villeroy & Boch


Magento / Typo3

  • Migration to the current Magento version including functional upgrade to optimize the "user journey"
  • Migration of the consumer website of Villeroy & Boch to Typo3 6.2
  • Optimization of Gustavsberg's website and migration to Typo3 6.2


  • Acquisition of the entire web hosting based on "Infrastructure-As-A-Service"
  • Application development and support, maintenance and support based on defined SLA


  • Development of the "Bad Accessoires eShop" based on Magento for a subsidiary of Villeroy & Boch
  • Analysis of the "InSourcing" of the server landscape in the Internet / eShop environment (market analysis, structure scoring, preparation of a decision template)



  • Introduction Typo3 for Gustavsberg
  • Conception & setup of a mobile version of the corporate internet presence of Villeroy & Boch



  • Introduction Magento as an eShop system for USA and Canada
  • Development of a wedding list application for the eShop table culture
  • Development of a Whirlpool Configurator for the Bathroom & Wellness Division


  • Analysis of common standard eShop systems (Demandware, Intershop, Magento)
  • Introduction of the Magento software as a new eShop system in Europe for the Tableware Division
  • Migration of the old eShop application to Magento
  • Extension of the professional portal of Villeroy & Boch for ordering and checking the availability of goods



  • Relaunch of the individual web sites in the B2B environment towards an integrated "professional portal" with single sign-on and authorization control from the SAP CRM system
  • Development of the B2B portal for V & B Fliesen GmbH



  • Conception and development of an interactive merchant tool for the VB Group within Typo3
    Conception and development of a comprehensive eRecruiting application - with integration into the Internet presence of Villeroy & Boch



  • Conception and development of a Web2 print solution on the Internet for our trading partners
  • Conception and development of the Internet section for "Hotel & Restaurant"


  • Conception and development of an interactive dealer tool for the Villeroy & Boch Group



  • Roll-out of the e-shop in Europe (DE, FR, UK, IT, ...)
  • Development of a customer contact Manamgent system within Typo3 with direct integration into SAP CRM



  • Introduction of Typo3 as a group-wide standard solution in the content management system environment
  • Relaunch of the internet presence of Villeroy & Boch based on Typo3
  • Roll-out of eShop's Tableware for Switzerland



  • Conceptual design and development of an e-shop and introduction for the US market

Education / further work experience

SAP partner manager for Rödl & Partner

(in addition to "Head of Department eBusiness Villeroy & Boch")

  • Responsibility
    • Establishment of the comprehensive software partnership for the areas "VAR" and "BusinessByDesign" between SAP and Rödl & Partner
    • Coordination and execution of all necessary measures to obtain the partner status as well as key account for all topics around the SAP partnership
    • Development and maintenance of the SAP license management
  • BusinessByDesign partner manager
    • Obtaining the qualifications for the roles "Presales", "Sales" and "Consultant" (Level1) of the BusinessByDesign software
    • Marketing and project management for the introduction of BusinessByDesign at Rödl & Partner and their customers

Authorized representative and branch manager Location Selb for Rödl & Partner (Rödl Consulting bzw. HSB)

(in addition to "Head of Department eBusiness Villeroy & Boch")

  • Responsibility
    • Professional and disciplinary leadership of 12 employees (SAP consultant in the modules SD, MM-PP, FI, CO), additional support for a further 8 employees (SAP hosting, server maintenance, etc.)
    • Project and budget responsibility of the SAP consulting area
    • Expansion of sales activities to generate new business for existing and new customers
  • Leadership and development
    • Management and development of existing employees at the Selb and Nuremberg sites
    • Establishment of target fulfillment, performance of employee appraisals and preparation of personnel development plans (in the professional and personal area)
    • Expansion of the site through hiring and replacement of redundancies due to termination
  • Maintenance and expansion of customer business in the SAP consulting environment
    • Support of existing customers (BHS Tabletop, Netzsch, Stabilo, Bionorica, Non-Ferrum etc.)
    • Acquisition of new customers in the SAP consulting environment
    • Optimization of cooperation with major customers on the basis of existing service contracts in direct coordination with the management board or management
  • Strategic alignment and expansion of the consulting portfolio
    • Marketing of solution competence in the eBusiness environment (B2B portals, eShop solutions, EDI)
    • Building cross-site (Mettlach, Selb, Nuremberg) competence centers in the SAP consulting environment across the entire SAP modules

Self-employment in the field of software development modules

Ingenius-Software Dr. Pascal Rheinert

Research assistant at the Department of Energy Supply Saarland University

  • Development of SYNOPTRA in C ++
  • Conducting lectures and exercises in the field of power engineering and energy supply, examination report
  • Lectures at various international congresses (Birmingham, Paris, Rio de Janeiro) in the areas of "Multi-Criteria Optimization" and "Evolutionary Algorithms"


Department of Energy Supply of the University of Saarland (10.12.1999)

Obtaining the degree "Doctor of Engineering (Dr.-Ing.)"
with "Magna cum laude"

  • PhD on the subject: "Overhead lines of minimal visibility and their simultaneous optimization according to several criteria" (software development and research)


Universität of Saarlandes, Saarbrücken (11.1994 - 04.1999)

Study of electrical engineering, degree "Diplom-Ingenieur" with "very good with distinction"

  • Diplomarbeit zum Thema: „Die Genetische Programmierung in C“


Gymnasium am Stefansberg, Merzig (09.1978 - 07-1987)

  • Abschluss Abitur
  • German: native language
  • English: Fluent in speech and writing
  • French: fluent in spoken and written
  • Spanish: basic knowledge